Why You Should Consider A Travel Consultant for Your Next Vacation

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Nothing can replace the expertise and personalized service provided by travel agents. There are many key benefits as to why you should consider a professional consultant for your next vacation.

“With the increasing complexity of travel choices, weather events and a growing demand for experiential travel are increasing the demand for the services of travel agents”, said Travel Leader’s Group CEO at a recent Travel show.

In a recent poll, when travelers were looking back on their past travel experiences:

  • 63% said using a consultant makes their overall trip experience better;
  • 69% reported that consultants save them time in planning and booking;
  • 66% said consultants help them avoid costly mistakes; and
  • 64% say consultants find the better deals.

When planning your vacation, here are key benefits to using a travel professional and supporting small business:

Travel consultants help you before, during and after the journey: Travel planning involves many moving pieces outside of the vacation itself, and a good consultant will do their best to custom fit those variables to you. We can be a useful resource for information such as documentation details including required travel visas, destination information, travel and weather alerts. We will be with you each step of the way until you land safely at home, with luggage in hand.

Travel consultants are travel experts: With so many options for destinations, accommodations and transportation, taking a vacation can be very overwhelming.Travel consultants are experts not only on the travel industry but travel itself. If we don’t have the answer, we know exactly where to get the information.

Travel consultants provide peace of mind wherever you travel: Travel consultants are with you through the planning and booking process but we are also there should you hit any bumps during your vacation. When dealing with online booking services, calling their service line could mean spending hours on the phone. Instead of spending hours on the phone, allow your travel consultant to be your advocate and take care of any issues that could arise. We can save you time and money in an emergency.

Travel consultants have access to exclusive benefits: Travel consultants have long-standing relationship with travel suppliers around the world. Through these relationships, we are able to obtain valuable discounts, exclusive offers and privileges for our clients. Many of these exclusive offers you would not be able obtain on your own.

Travel consultants design personalized experiences for each unique traveler: Travel consultants get to know you by asking detailed questions about your past vacations and your likes and dislikes. By focusing on your personal needs and wishes, we can take your vacation to the next level. Together, we can create the perfect personalized itinerary, constructing every detail of your vacation to fulfill your wish list.

Travel consultants cut through the clutter of the internet: The travel search engines online have made it easier for people to book but with that comes information overload, misinformation, hidden fees and no human interaction. Travel consultants have the tools and experience to do the research faster and more efficiently. We all know the saying, time is money!

Travel consultants read the fine print: On our booking engines we see the same rates offered by discount travel outlets. The difference is that we know all the hidden costs like taxes, additional fees, required deposits, pre-payment requirements and cancellation policies. When booking with a travel consultant, everything is transparent, with no hidden surprises which can make or break your dream vacation.

Travel consultants study hard to become specialists: Travel consultants are often certified as specialists in cruises, multiple destinations, destination weddings, group travel and much more. It is important for us to stay up to date on supplier information which requires hours of further education sessions on a monthly, if not weekly basis. By staying abreast of what is going on in the travel industry, we can help guide you through the stages of planning and booking your vacation with expert knowledge.

Travel consultants make your dollars travel further: Believe it or not, using online booking services is not any cheaper than working with a travel consultant. Travelers benefit significantly more from using a travel consultant because they are backed by our expertise and know how plus have access to our exclusive offers.

Consumers who use travel consultants reported that consultants save them an average of $452 per vacation according to of a study released by ASTA. Another study documented that the American traveler visited 140 travel websites and spent 22.95 hours consuming digital travel media in the 45 days prior to booking their vacation.As of April 2018, the average hourly wage in the US was $22.51, which means it costs American travellers $516.60 of work time to plan and book vacations. If you count money and time, that could bring up the savings to $960+.

Travel consultants are real people, accessible in real life: Travel consultants are real people that have a strong passion for travel and making other people’s dreams come true. Many travel consultants work from home and are very accessible day and night. We value the business of friends and family where you are never just another number and we will work hard to get the best rate for you. Our clients know by supporting their friend/family in using their travel consultant services, they are also supporting a small business and their dream.

Travel consultants are globally connected: Travel consultants know the tricks of the trade and are on top of the latest trends and supplier information. We receive information through relationships that are built with various suppliers but also within our own network of travel consultants. We are notified first by suppliers with specials, upgrades, and property information. This is invaluable information to be able to have access to when planning your dream vacation.

Travel consultants are passionate travelers, first and foremost: Travel consultants are really good at researching, organizing and understanding people and when we put this together with our passion for travel, we are able to create exceptional travel experiences. As a travel consultant we get to live vicariously through our clients and we love helping our clients plan their vacation that they will remember for years.

Are you ready to take your vacation to the next level and experience the knowledge and expertise of a travel consultant? Contact us today to get started – We provide peace of mind wherever you travel!

Your partner in travel,

Val Burnett
Owner/Travel Consultant
Wanderlust Getaway

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